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New Online Game Forming : Dunton

To join
Mail with [Dunton Deliria] in the Subject line. State how many weekly games out of every 5 scheduled you will commit to. I will commit to 4 out of every 5.

Deliria. Most uncertain events will be determined by the Guide. The Compact System will be used lightly. All card draws made by Guide and announced to the players. Game will be Narrative style.

Location and Frequency
Weekly chat room meeting. Day of week and time TBD.

4 spots for people who can make a firm commitment (4 weekly meetings out of every 5). There will be positions for occasional players, but they will play established supporting characters or antagonists.

I'm interested in a gritty North-American urban setting (city of Dunton) with occasional elements of the Mysterium. I don't want constant interaction with obvious wee people or long term trips to Faerieland. Constant weirdness such as in Neverwhere would be a bit much. Labyrinth, Angel and Buffy settings are no-nos. I would like to build this setting with the other players, especially common NPCs/shared PCs. If a character (even a minor, nameless NPC) dies, I want it to be an important event.

I'm interested in a 'television series' style story. Each Chapter/Act/Story is complete in itself, but usually provides insight into one or more characters and forwards the 'overplot.'

Rotating Guiding. I would like the position of Guide to change after each Chapter/Act/Story. The character of the player now Guiding would be conveniently indisposed for the duration of the player's tenure as Guide.

Each main player will have a preferred character. Supporting characters will be available for play, especially for flashbacks or character-centered. Build points TBD - I'm thinking on the low side.

Character Advancement
Determined by Guide. I am disinclined to of giving explicit XP. When I am Guide, I will instead give non-statistic awards (think gold-stars or badges) for various accomplishments. Any changes in character statistics (for my time as Guide) will be determined by character development within the story. If someone else wants to give out XP, go ahead.

Game Support
I'd like a repository of game summaries and character journal entries somewhere.

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